Brew Guides

Pour Over

This is a personal favorite and our most common way of brewing coffee over here at the Wander-House. Depending on the coffee, exact temperatures and brew ratios can change; but we start with a 1:15-1:18 Coffee:Water ratio (15-18mL of water for every 1g of coffee in the filter) and water at roughly 200 degrees fahrenheit. Grind close to kosher salt.

For us our typical pourover is ~30g of coffee and 500mL of water or 60g of coffee per Liter of water if you are brewing for more people.

Traditional Coffee Pot

For a traditional coffee pot, the most important thing is to find out how much water your carafe holds. The ‘cup’ line on a typical carafe is not a set measurement, so use a measuring cup to determine how much your coffee pot holds. Then you can work backwards (using a 1:17 to 1:18 ratio as a guide) to find out how much coffee to use. Grind close to coarse sea salt.

As an estimate, use about 1 to 1.5 tablespoon for every 4 ounces of water – so for 4 cups of water use about 8-12 tablespoons of coffee.


This is the #2 preparation method here at the Wander-House. Enjoying a nice cappuccino in the evening is a favorite of ours and really a treat. We start by shooting for twice the espresso volume out for the amount of coffee in approximately 30 seconds – so we are looking for ~36g of espresso from our typical 18g dose of espresso 30 seconds from when the lever flips to blonding and then we tweak from there.

Immersion Brewing

French Press or Aeropress, we are use the same general guidelines of about 1:15-1:18 coffee to water with water at about 200 degrees fahrenheit. Grind close to pretzel salt.

Note: though the above ratio is a solid starting place for all brewing, because of how immersion works, a higher coffee:water ratio typically comes closer to proper extraction.

More in the 30g of coffee and 450 mL of water region.